This page will help you get started with Rollee.



Welcome to Rollee, the secure API for employment data.

Rollee makes it easy for your users to grant you access to their employment accounts.

Once one of your users grants access, your application can access his or her employment and income data.

Implementation Overview

Here is a quick overview of some concepts you will need in order to implement Rollee and get access to your user's data.


You will need a JWT token for each of the Sandbox and the Production environments and the URLs. Please contact us to get your JWT.


For security reasons, the Rollee's API has a rate limitation of 1000 requests per minute.

Create users

Once you have those you can Create a user via the API which will provide you with the Rollee Connect link where the user can connect their accounts via an interface. Once the user has connected their account you can start receiving data via the API. When creating a user you can add optional metadata such as your internal userID.

Get the list of connected accounts

Get a list of connected accounts so you can start requesting data from these accounts.

Request data


Endpoints are sets of data that you can query through the API.

Date ranges

Once you query the API for data, some endpoints will require a date range such as Income. This can include the last X days, weeks or months. Queries with large date ranges will take longer to execute.


When querying the API you will need to specify which accounts you want the data for. Accounts represent the links between a user and a datasource. Users can have multiple accounts if they connect to numerous datasources through Connect.

Create your Connect flow

You will need to integrate Rollee Connect into your application or product flow in order for the users to share their data. You should ensure that the users have context before asking them to complete the Rollee flow for better conversion.
You can integrate via SDK or webview on mobile or desktop. For customizations, you will need to use the SDK.


We standardize all information retrieved from platforms and serve it via endpoints to make it easier to consume the relevant data. The examples provided below show all of the data points we are able to retrieve, provided they are available on the platform. The following is a list of endpoints that are supported:

EndpointExample DataDescription
ProfileFull name - Thibaud Duprat
First name - Thibaud
Last name - Duprat
Date of birth - 1990-01-01
Street - 74 boulevard Lupin
City - Chalons-en-champagne
State/Province - Champagne-Ardenne
Zip code - 51000
Country - France
Country phone code - +33
Phone number -
Email - [email protected]
Profile URL - https://partners.valuably.com/p3/drivers/profile/d/e4a6b5c1-f4b5-4bc9-bb7e
Image URL - https://d1w2poirtb3as9.cloudfront.net/wo8d6mzxt7prw61ysom3.jpeg
Driver Licence Number - 19AV64870
Driver Licence Expire Date - 2030-12-31
Profile includes all data points relating to the identity of a user.
DocumentsDocument Type - Paystub
Document ID - 15b85a12-594c-4010-b391-c3f34e8ee2bc
Document Name - 2020-06-100-436276-tour-overview.pdf
Document Number - 3555634
Document Date - June 1, 2020
Date Retrieved - June 8, 2020
The documents endpoints provide access to all downloadable documents available on a platform. From paystubs to identity related documents.
IncomeCompany - Rollee Rider
Start Date - 2021-11-01
Gross Earnings - $694.57
Card Earnings - $360.43
Cash Received - $321.17
Fare - $512.87
Taxes - $16.43
Bonus amount - $42
Other amounts - $23
Tips - $50
Platform Fees - $100.1
Net Amount - $302.56
Currency - $ (Symbol)
Income is where you can see the users earnings over a period of time. For this endpoint Gross and earnings maybe be determined by trips or paystubs.
ActivitySelected Period - 11 June - 28 June
Online (connected to app) - 12h 16m
Time On trip - 5h 58m
Total Trips - 20
Canceled Trips - 4
Acceptance Rate (from driver) - 4%
Cancelation rate (from driver) - 5%
Distance - 55.2km
Hours Most Active* - (morning, afternoon, night)
Hourly earning - $5.43
Trips per Hour - 3.7
Price per Trip - $20
Price per KM - $5
Rating - 4.8
Currency - $ (Symbol)
Activity is based on a set period determined within the API call. We calculated the follow data points based on the trips available in that time period.
TripsPayment - Cash
Fare - $145.4
Fees - $36,35
Bonus - $5
Other - $2
Trip Timestamp - 2022-04-01 10:05:00
Duration - 15 min
Distance - 5.2 km
Start Location - Drancy, France
End Location - Paris, France
Type - Trip (delivery, etc)
Status - Complete/Cancelled
The Trips endpoint will provide you with a list of all trips and details in the period of time requested.
VehiclesMake - Jeep
Model - Grand Cherokee
Year - 2015
VIN - 23426932942
License Plate - AB-123-CD
Status - Active
Vehicles endpoint provides information of the vehicles a driver has registered with the platform.
EmploymentTitle - Driver
Type - GIG
Starting Date - June 11, 2021
Worker ID - 8b63f7cd
Status - Active
The Employment endpoint provide additional information on the employment of the user in relation to the account queried.

Rollee Connect

Rollee provides your company with user-permissioned data. We provide various endpoints with relevant information such as Income, Identity, Activity, and Employment. With Rollee you can empower your users to use your service in just a few clicks.
Rollee enables you to start making more informed decisions based on standardized and reliable data.

The Rollee Connect allows users to easily 'connect' their accounts in order to provide you with the necessary data. A demo can be seen on our website.

It is important for you to know where Connect fits into your workflow and how best to integrate it in order to have the best user experience. We are happy to work closely with you to ensure the best conversion and ease of use for your users.


We understand how important it is to have a cohesive user experience, so we’ve made Connect customizable according to your needs. The following are currently available customizations:

  • Your company Logo (required)
  • Skipping the Connect intro screen
  • Changing CTA colours to match your brand
  • Changing the words on the intro page to match your app's user flow
  • Removing the Add more accounts flow on the last screen for a one and done workflow