Here is a list of terminology conventions used by Rollee products regarding the usage of the API.


Users are our customers' users (eg. drivers). Each user has a unique UUID which will be used in the API's calls or responses.


Datasources refer to the diverse channels of income that users may possess, including payroll platforms, driving and delivery services, and freelance platforms. Rollee collects and processes data from these sources, delivering this curated information to our customers. For the list of supported datasources, please contact Rollee's support.


Accounts represent the links between a user and a datasource. Users can have multiple accounts if they connect to numerous datasources through Connect. Each account is also identified with a unique UUID.


Sessions in Rollee Connect serve as unique identifiers tied to specific time frames, authorizing Rollee Connect to operate on behalf of a user. While each session is distinct, a user may have multiple sessions associated with their account. Check Users and Sessions for more informations.


Documents are PDF versions of paystubs, tax forms, and other payroll documents. These documents are records related to an individual's earnings, taxes, and other financial details, providing a comprehensive overview of their income and financial history.

Null values

Null values for individual fields may occur under the following circumstances:

  • The specific field is not supported by the data source.
  • The data source supports the field, but no information is available for that particular field.

Dates and IDs

Some conventions used throughout our API and documentation are:

  • All date-times are returned as strings in RFC 3339 order in UTC Timezone, like: 2021-06-30 14:30:00 UTC
  • All IDs are represented as UUIDs, e.g., 01234567-89ab-cdef-0123-456789abcdef