If you want to receive automatic alerts regarding Rollee's successful tasks regarding your Company Accounts, Webhooks provide a solution for it. The Company API allows you to configure Webhooks related to Company Account events. These events are for example when a Company Account is connected or updated.

Setting up Webhooks

Webhooks are simply HTTP requests done from Rollee Backend whenever an event happens. When setting up a Webhook, we allow you to specify:

  • the URL the request is made;
  • the method of the HTTP request (POST or PUT);
  • additional headers sent in the request (for identification or security purposes)

To create a Webhook, check our API for Webhooks or you can do the following requests:

curl -X PUT -H "Authorization: Bearer <YOUR_TOKEN>" --url 'https://api.getrollee.com/api/company/v0.5/webhooks/accounts' -d '{"url": "<YOUR_URL>", "method": "POST", "headers": {"your_header":"<YOUR_HEADER>"} }'
curl -X PUT -H "Authorization: Bearer <YOUR_TOKEN>" --url 'https://api.sand.getrollee.com/api/company/v0.5/webhooks/accounts' -d '{"url": "<YOUR_URL>", "method": "POST", "headers": {"your_header":"<YOUR_HEADER>"} }'

Retry policy

Since Webhooks usage can fail due to network issues, Rollee's Webhook implementation has a retry policy that ensure that you will receive all events at least once. The events are retried for a period of 3 days.