We keep your data safe!

At Rollee, we've successfully achieved ISO 27001 compliance, a globally recognized certification for data management. This standard is crucial for our growth and scalability in the tech industry. Our decision to pursue certification was driven by two primary factors. Firstly, security, particularly in handling data, is integral to our product. Secondly, we wanted to establish our operational security framework according to an official standard.

Our approach to attaining ISO 27001 compliance involved various steps. We conducted an internal audit to assess our existing processes, trained our team on the standard, formulated the framework of our policy, implemented enhanced security measures, identified a certification agency, scheduled certification audits, and consistently maintained compliance.

We prioritize data security. We use the AES cipher for encryption, coupled with a unique salt, to ensure that your data remains confidential and secure. This encryption process turns your data encrypted, providing an extra layer of protection for your information.

Our commitment to user privacy is evident through the encryption measures applied to login data, ensuring a secure and confidential login process. For additional check out privacy policy document.

We believe that investing in security is a worthwhile endeavor. It not only underscores our dedication to a secure work environment but also signifies our commitment to upholding the security standard over the long term. We are committed to staying up to date on security trends and policies, sticking to norms and requirements, and adapting our policy as per the evolving needs of our company.

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